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Quality Assurance

ACT's Quality Assurance experts offer unparalleled software testing along with full preparation, test plan and strategy documentation and use cases. ACT carries out professional software testing by following recommended methodologies in the IT industry. ACT professionals are fully versed in a number of key testing methodologies.

ACT offers the following main types of software testing and quality assurance

Quality Assurance in software is a time-consuming and painstaking area essential to the correct working of a complex system. ACT offers the following main types of software testing and quality assurance:

Manual Testing

An ACT expert fully tests the client’s system with the express purpose of finding errors

Automated Testing

Automated testing can be used to extensively test a system and run multiple tests of set areas of the system

Black box testing

ACT works as an independent quality assurance tester, with no prior knowledge of your system.

Alpha testing

ACT will deploy a small, dedicated test team to initially test your software before your organisation conducts any testing.

Beta Testing

ACT will perform testing based on the target users of the system you are developing

Functional testing

Functional testing will test a specific part of the application code to ensure that your users are able to carry out the task correctly in the system.

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